The 2018 National TB Conference was produced by CTCA and NTCA and took place in Palm Springs, May 21-24.  More than 500 TB Control personnel from four countries participated.  Thank you to those of you who contributed to this successful conference.

Conference presentations and other materials are currently only available to conference participants. We hope to be able to share this content in the future.

Below the 2018 National TB Control Conference linked full agenda are conference agendas from previous years with links to full, recorded education sessions. You can request materials (prior to the 2018) not provided on the linked pages below by emailing CTCA staff through the contact us button on the bottom navigation bar below.

2018   Conference

2017     Conference     Fall Meeting

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2014     Conference     Fall Meeting

2013     Conference     Fall Meeting

2012     Conference     Fall Meeting

2011     Conference     Fall Meeting

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