A TB diagnosis can be difficult to receive and its treatment challenging. There are a growing number of patient networks growing to connect patients to former patients who can understand the challenges of treatment. These resources are listed below.

These former patients have become advocates for TB elimination, so others will not suffer like they did from this preventable disease.

Aeras TB video: California TB Patient Advocate

International Patients tell their stories of TB

Enrique Speaks at the Annual International Union Against TB and Lung Disease

His Moving TB Soccer Team  Analogy and How as a Team We Can Stop TB:

Forward= Patient with the medical providers and pharma

Middle = Government, research and development

Defense = Stop TB, private sector, NGOs, some associations

Goal Keeper = civil society


TB disease is still challenging to diagnose and to cure. It can be cured in most cases, but TB disease treatment is long, daily and can be complicated. 

We encourage patients to seek support from their health care providers, their health department staff and community patient survivor groups:

TB Voices Project

TB & Me blog


We Are TB Facebook group


Examples of TB disease experiences can be found through these links: California, National, Famous TB Patients.

More information about TB can be found here: Learn about TB, California Department of Public Health, TB Control Program and here: More information, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of TB Elimination

For more specific information about TB in your area, contact your local public health department's TB control program. This contact information is in the Directory of TB Control Programs, in the top right navigation of this website.