TB Program Resources and Shared Best Practices

• As of January 1, 2015, AB 1667 requires TB testing of: Pre-K and K-12 public, private and parochial school employees, volunteers (with frequent and prolonged student contact) and contractors, ONLY when TB risk factors are identified. All of the risk assessments can be found on our Providers page.

• Responsibilities of Public Health Departments to Control TB, June 2013

• Priority TB Control Activities in Times of Diminishing Resources, Findings from a Systematic Prioritization Process, October 2011 and Cover Letter

• Colleges and Universities Survey Summary, 2008

• TST Training CurriculumParticipant WorkbookPresentationsTST Trainer's Guide2005

• TB Voices Project - Please contact CTCA to distribute these cards for patients, to connect them with other patients and read their TB stories. Click here for an example


This following postcard was created for and distributed during the 2016 World TB Day San Francisco End TB Walk to educate the community about TB risks.  A folded card is also available to download and distribute. (Make sure to print on both sides of the paper and use "actual size" under the page sizing & handling section).


Local Health Jurisdiction Best Practices:

Alameda - (3)

  1. Reporting Resources: TB specific (Reporting Form) and TB Reporting (Guidelines)
  2. Discharge Treatment Plan (Form)
  3. DOT Resources: DOT (Order Form)DOT (Medication Sheets)

Los Angeles - (2)

  1. The Standardized Adult TB Risk Assessment (Tool) and Evaluation Forms for TB Case Managers Performance (Website)
  2. 2012 LA County Updated School TB Screening Policy (Powerpoint) 

 Marin - (1)  Targeted School Screening: (Cover Letter) and (Protocol)

Riverside - (2)  ATD Resources: Plan Update (2010) and Presentation (Powerpoint)

San Diego - (1)  Provider and Patient (Resources Page)

San Francisco - (3)

  1. B-Notification follow-up using an assigned position
  2. Insurance Billing for TB Services through Cross-trained Staff
  3. Provider Education Resources on TB in the Foreign-Born (Resources Page)

Santa Clara - (1) 2008 Tuberculosis technical instructions for civil surgeons who evaluate applicants who are adjusting their immigration status (10/16/08)

     We welcome multiple submissions on a single topic or activity. Different jurisdictions do things differently; demonstrating how various programs conduct a similar activity can be helpful to other programs wishing to implement or improve a TB control activity. Send your submissions through the contact us link on the home page.