Diagnosed with TB?  You are not alone.

Former and current TB patients and family members offer peer support through We Are TB and TB PhotoVoice and speak about their TB experiences to policy makers to help eliminate TB. Jackie, CTCA Peer Support Navigator, shares her experience below with other Californians who have cured their TB. Share Your TB Story here.

Survivors Statement (Nov 2019) from the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health, Survivors speak powerfully, sharing their TB experiences, to eliminate TB.

You are not alone. We all know someone who had TB.  World’s Most Famous TB Patients, 2013.

Mr. Nghia Tran’s TB Story (August 2019)

(The English script contains the English translation for Mr. Nghia’s story.  The Vietnamese script and the TNTR website article does not have Mr. Nghia’s story in writing since we wanted to focus on providing information about TB and that part was lengthy.)