About Us

CTCA supports local health department (LHD) TB Programs and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) TB Control Branch (TBCB) working together to develop and share strategies to improve TB care and prevention in California. This partnership ensures collaborative and effective policies and practices across California.

CTCA is volunteer led,  with an elected Executive Committee (EC), made up of representatives from large, medium and small/rural health jurisdictions. Terms last for one year.  CTCA is governed by its Bylaws (rev March 2019). At the beginning of each EC cycle a Work Plan is created to identify and prioritize areas of work to advance.  Workgroups/committees are formed.  The EC meets monthly. TB Controllers are invited to the calls.  Contact us to find out more about the EC monthly calls, the current work plan or to join a Committee or Workgroup.

CTCA supports committees and workgroups in each of these areas.

Additional ongoing work includes:

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