Honarary CTCA Members

Previous Recipients:
2018 Michael Carson, MS
2017 Jan Young, RN, MSN
2016 Lisa Chen, MD
2015 Karen Smith, MD, MPH
2014 Susan Sawley, RN, PHN
2013 Gulshan Bhatia, MRCP (UK), DTMH
2012 Julie Low, MD
2011 Edward P. Desmond, Ph.D.
2010 Karen Furst, MD, MPH
2009 Jennifer Flood, MD, MPH
2008 Kathleen Moser, MD, MPH
2007  L. Masae Kawamura, MD
2006  Francie Wise, BSN, MPH
2005  Robert Benjamin, MD, MPH
2004 Thomas E. Cole, MD
2003 Charles Crane, MD
2002 Barbara Cole, PHN, MSN
2001 Tony Paz, MD
2000 Sarah E. Royce, MD, MPH
1999 Brenda Ashkar, MSN, RN
1998 Hanh Quôc Lê, MD
1997 Nicholas Toth, MD
1996 Thomas S. Moulding, MD
1995 Gisela Schecter, MD
1994 Edward G. Lopez, MD
1993 Cutting B. Favour, MD
1992 Paul T. Davidson, MD
1991 Barry S. Dorfman, MD
1990 Edwin P. Brauner, MD
1989 Francis J. Curry, MD
1988 Philip C. Hopewell, MD
1987 Robert D. Rowan, MD
1986 Margaret B. Blum, MD
1985 Matthew O. Locks, MD
1984 Henry A. Renteln, MD

Allyson Tabor, BSN, PHN

Allyson Tabor, BSN, PHN

2018 Recipient

Honorary Members are esteemed TB Control colleagues, usually retired CA TB control public health program leaders, who we hope will remain engaged in CA TB control. To these honorees, CTCA grants free admittance to annual conferences and semi-annual TB Controllers Meetings.

Past Recipients:
2016 Wendy Malone, BSN, RN, PHN
2016 Gisela Schecter, MD, MPH
2013 Charlie Crane, MD, MPH
2013 Robert Benjamin, MD, MPH
2012 Gulshan Bhatia, MRCP (UK), DTMH
2011 Francie Wise, BSN, MPH
2010 Karen Redwine, RN, PHN
2009 Joan Sprinson, MPH, CIH and Sirlura Taylor, BSN, PHN
2008 E. Antonio Paz, MD
2007 Elaine Conley, RN, MPH
2006 Brenda Ashkar, RN
2005 Phyllis Alvarez Ritchie, PHN
2004 Ed Lopez, MD and Lee Reichman, MD, MP