Trainings for Civil Surgeons

California Department of Public Health TB Control Branch Webinars


Status Adjusters and TB Prevention: What Civil Surgeons Need to Know – 09/25/2019

This webinar reviews: 1) LTBI testing and treatment recommendations; 2) Communication/educational messaging for patients with LTBI; 3) Referral and linkage to care for patients with LTBI; and 4) Reporting instructions for patients with LTBI to the local health department.

Recording password: Tbcb2019

Attachments: FAQ

Reporting LTBI using the CalREDIE Provider Portal for CA Civil Surgeons – 10/11/2018

This is recommended for new civil surgeon and/or civil surgeon staff that have not yet reported LTBI through CalREDIE Provider Portal.

This webinar reviews: 1) California LTBI reporting requirements; 2) Reporting LTBI using CalREDIE Provider Portal; and 3) How to obtain a Provider Portal account. 

Recording password: CivilSurgeon2018

Attachments: Slide set

Los Angeles or San Diego County Civil Surgeons


Technical Instructions on TB & Immunizations: What Civil Surgeons in Los Angeles Need to Know – 06/15/2017

This training is for civil surgeons serving status adjusters in Los Angeles County.

San Diego Civil Surgeons: New Mandatory TB Requirements – 09/17/2019

This training is for civil surgeons serving status adjusters in San Diego County.

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