Our vision is to eliminate TB in California through strong relationships with leaders in communities most affected by TB throughout California. JOIN US!

Vision: A TB-free California

Mission: To engage health care systems and providers, policymakers, and affected communities to collaborate with public health efforts to prevent and eliminate TB.


Engage in TB elimination activities to increase health equity among Californians

Promote TB prevention to health care systems and health care providers

Increase the visibility of TB as a preventable, urgent public health problem

Background: The TB care and prevention focused public health community must work with community based organizations leading and serving those communities at highest risk for TB  to progress TB elimination efforts in California.

Goals and Objectives: Create a functional coalition, representative of communities most impacted by TB, to ensure public health TB programs can both care for TB patients and prevent outbreaks in populations of highest concern.

The California TB Elimination Advisory Committee’s initial TB elimination plan willed this coalition into being.

Excerpted from the California Tuberculosis Elimination Plan 2016-2020 Executive Summary:
“The five-year action plan outlines the necessary steps to reach the elimination of TB in California by the year 2040. The specific focus of the plan is to ensure the identification and treatment of individuals with LTBI in California who are likely to progress to TB disease. This plan is designed to facilitate collaboration among public health TB programs and private and public partners toward the common goal: a California free of TB. The audience for this plan includes public health practitioners, clinical providers, health plan administrators, policymakers, community organizations and coalitions and other partners in the public and private sectors that serve populations at risk for TB.”