Our vision is to eliminate TB in California through strong relationships with leaders in communities most affected by TB throughout California. JOIN US!

Vision: A TB Free California

Mission: To engage health care systems and providers, policymakers, and affected communities to collaborate with public health efforts to prevent and eliminate TB.


Engage in TB elimination activities to increase health equity among Californians

Promote TB prevention to health care systems and health care providers

Increase the visibility of TB as a preventable, urgent public health problem

Background: The TB care and prevention focused public health community must work with community based organizations leading and serving those communities at highest risk for TB  to progress TB elimination efforts in California.

Goals and Objectives: Create a functional coalition, representative of communities most impacted by TB, to ensure public health TB programs can both care for TB patients and prevent TB in California.

Coalition for a TB Free California logo, 4 pairs of lungs like the rays of the sun surrounded by name of coalition

The Coalition for a TB Free California meets every third Tuesday 3-4PM PT.


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