The tools are shared by public health department TB control program staff and organized below according to TB prevention and control strategies in the CDC 2020-2024 Cooperative Agreement. Some additional tools and resources are featured at the top of the page.
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Diagnosis and treatment of persons with TB disease

– Case management tools
– Treatment protocols and info
– HIV/AIDS, STD, Hepatitis (PCSI)
– Aggregate settings
– Bi-national

Diagnosis and treatment of persons with LTBI

– Contact investigation
– Targeted testing and treatment of LTBI

Program planning, evaluation and improvement

– National and CA indicators (?)
– cohort review
– program evaluation
– needs assessment

Epidemiology, surveillance and response

– Surveillance tools
– TB outbreak prevention and response (including genotyping)

Training and education
TB Elimination

(most of this will probably be cross-referenced with other sections but would include elim plans as well)