Your TB Story

Storytelling is a way to teach people about difficult subjects like tuberculosis (TB).  TB is preventable and curable, still many  suffer from and die with TB. Personal stories show the impact of this disease and why we work to find, treat and cure TB.

Please share how you’ve been impacted by tuberculosis. Your story has the potential to be used during legislative meetings, on our website and/or featured on social media to educate others about tuberculosis.

To share your story, fill out the form below. You can upload a picture or video to go along with your story. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Mr. Nghia Tran’s TB Story (August 2019)

(The English script contains the English translation for Mr. Nghia’s story.  The Vietnamese script and the TNTR website article does not have Mr. Nghia’s story in writing since we wanted to focus on providing information about TB and that part was lengthy.)