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Apply on Public Health Nurse Tuberculosis Control Program (Posted on 6/14/18)

With: San Mateo County

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San Mateo County Public Health’s Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program seeks fulltime transmission, community and providing education to providers and the community as to disease include extensive case management of TB cases and contacts, monitoring trends within the individual intervention to prevent the spread of communicable disease. The position will county and provide case management, community education, and community level and Public Health Nurse (PHN) to monitor reportable communicable diseases within the treatment and prevention.

PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE SUPERVISOR with County of San Diego (posted on 2/24/18)


  • Direct supervision of 8 clinic staff
  • Revision and development of policies and procedures for clinic and clerical services
  • Coordinating scheduling system for TB Clinic MD and X-ray
  • Oversight of case management activities for clinic monitored and binational patients
  • Clinic support, education and training, coverage during staff shortages
  • Maintaining clinic standards for equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals
  • Liaison and support for TB control staff and outside providers concerning clinic patients and contacts
  • Ensure high quality customer service and resolution to patient complaints
  • General public education regarding Tuberculosis
  • Assist in development and oversight of contracts related to TB clinic services
  • Working knowledge of the County’s Public Health Information System (PHIS), San Diego Immunization Registry (SDIR) and other applicable applications
  • Perform quality assurance activities for clinic services and operations

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