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CTCA Health Equity Statement

The California TB Controllers Association is committed to creating the opportunity for optimal health for all Californians by working to eliminate barriers to TB diagnosis, treatment and prevention, and prioritizing communities disproportionately impacted by TB, while working to eliminate the threat of TB for all Californians.

The California TB Controllers Association (CTCA) is a professional organization for those specializing in TB care and prevention in California. CTCA brings together local health department (LHD) TB Program and the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) TB Control Branch (TBCB) leaders and staff to improve policy and practice in TB care and prevention in California.

CTCA is led by volunteers who make up the Executive Committee (EC). Representatives from large, medium and small and rural health jurisdictions volunteer to lead this organization for terms of one to two years. Officers cycle through four years of leadership and are guided by the CTCA Bylaws (rev March 2019).  At the beginning of each EC cycle a Work Plan is created to identify and prioritize their goals for the year ahead.  Workgroups/committees form as needed.  The EC meets monthly to discuss priorities and take action where they can. TB Controllers and their staff through their program leaders are invited to the calls.  Contact us to find out more about these calls, the current work plan, or to join us in any of the work reflected on ctca.org through the contact us button below.

Some of the CTCA priorities available on www.ctca.org:

Guidance, co-producing and updating Guidelines and Fact Sheets with CDPH TBCB staff, as needs determine and resources allow, is a top priority for this EC. Resources not being updated are available on the Additional Resources page.

Meetings, an annual educational conference and two business meetings are held each year in the Fall and Spring. Our upcoming events and archived meeting materials can be found under the Events tab.  Conferences alternate between Northern California in odd numbered years and Southern California in even ones.  The CTCA conference is an opportunity for the latest advances in TB care and prevention to be shared with public and private sector providers in California and  provides an essential networking opportunity for experts in TB care and prevention and those new to this work.

Easy to find resources for specific audiences, such as CIVIL SURGEONS, other private medical PROVIDERS and PATIENTS.

An overview of the Responsibilities of Public Health Departments to Control Tuberculosis (updated 6-24-13) clarified what public health does to enable health pans and private medical providers to see clearly their partnership in caring for TB patients and preventing TB disease in their patient populations.

Directory of TB Program Staff in California supports private providers, the public and those in TB care and prevention to find help when they need it across the state.

And a growing Toolbox of resources for public health TB programs, including California TB Legal Resources are shared as materials are shared.

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