TB Elimination Heroes

Community Provider TB Elimination Champions Inspiring Others to Prevent the Devastating Impacts of TB

World TB Day (March 24) and National Public Health Week (first week of April) are opportunities for public health professionals caring for patients with tuberculosis (TB) and working to stop the spread of this airborne, preventable, yet still deadly disease, raise awareness about TB and what it will take to eliminate the threat of TB in California. In 2023 the TB Elimination Heroes honor was created to showcase community health care providers, leaders, and patient advocates efforts to protect their communities from the threat of TB disease to:

1. Highlight the work being done outside of public health to prevent TB disease in California and the heroes doing this work, and

2. Inspire others to join TB elimination activities to protect their communities from TB. 

Pubic health departments need more TB Elimination Heroes to implement strategies to identify those at risk for TB, test those with a risk for TB and treat TB infection before illness occurs. Nominate your colleagues/yourself for the next class of heroes by  March 1 2025 to share your/their work by completing this TB Heroes Nominating Form.  Be specific to inspire others. To the right are our 2024 and 2023 TB Elimination Heroes. Please read through their TB elimination efforts. We thank them and congratulate them for being our California TB Elimination Heroes!

TB Elimination Heroes meet at least one of the following criteria:
  • Initiated/led new TB prevention activity in their community clinic or CBO
  • Mentored colleagues in TB prevention efforts
  • Inspired colleagues to initiate TB prevention activities
  • Helped at risk populations/individuals access TB prevention services
  • Supported current TB patients/high risk individuals
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