LTBI Patient Resources

LTBI patient education materials are available, but they can be difficult to find. This page aims to make it easier to find good LTBI education resources. Please let us know if you have one that you like and use that is not here and should be.

1. What is TB?

2. Who has TB?

3. Which TB test do I need?

4. Positive TB test, what now?

5.  Treatment options

6. What to expect after tx?

TB Free California:



TB Free California:

Source Resource Cascade Step Detailed/ Brief  Link  Notes
TBFCA Differences between LTBI and TB handout Step 0 Brief
TBFCA Be TB Free – educational handout Step 0 Brief
CDC Learn the Facts About TB Step 0 Detailed   
CDC How Do I Talk to My HC Provider About Inactive TB? Step 0 Detailed
TBFCA Latent TB Education for Pregnant Woman and New Mothers – Handout Step 0 Detailed
TBFCA Latent TB Education for College and HS Students – handout Step 0 Detailed
TBFCA 1 in 7 Asian Americans have LTBI – brochure Step 0 Detailed



CDC Inactive TB Testing and Treatment Step 1 Basic×11.pdf
TBFCA TB Self Risk Assessment Tool Step 1 Brief
Minnesota TB Blood Test (IGRA) Step 2 Brief
Mass You Have TB Infection Step 4 Brief
LA TB Infection: What You Need to Know to Stay Healthy Step 4 Detailed
TBFCA Take 12 doses of medication to end TB – brochure Step 5 Detailed
Treatment for LTBI (3HP) Step 5 Detailed
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