Every year, 2,000+ Californians are diagnosed with TB Disease. The death rate is 10 %.
0 people will die.

• Tuberculosis (TB) disease is endemic in Los Angeles County (LAC), and delays in TB diagnosis have been seen in patients with suspected, confirmed, or resolved COVID-19.
• TB disease should be considered in patients with compatible clinical and radiological features, even if they also have suspected or confirmed COVID-19.
• It is essential that TB clinical care and control are continued during the COVID-19 pandemic, including evaluation and treatment of suspected or confirmed active TB disease; evaluation after significant exposure to infectious TB disease; and treatment of latent TB infection (LTBI) for high risk individuals.
• The risk of COVID-19 transmission during the delivery of TB services may be mitigated by the use of multiple strategies (see infection control below).

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Californians will die this year from TB

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