CTCA is excited to announce the arrival of Ryan Clary, a seasoned coalition consultant, with a background in infectious disease control efforts.  He will be helping to grow the Coalition for a TB-Free California. Ryan joins us with a lot of experience in Hep C, HIV and AIDS coalition development and support.  We are thrilled to have his help reaching out to partner organizations to remove barriers to TB diagnosis and preventive treatment to protect Californians from the threat of TB disease.

With Ryan’s help, we’ll work to bring together additional partners who are leading and serving those populations disproportionately impacted by TB in California. We want to bring COVID-19 innovations in public health to TB care and prevention efforts, to eliminate the threat of TB.

By partnering with private health care providers and other service and advocacy organizations, with a focus to improve the health and well being of those disproportionately impacted by TB, we aim to increase routine screening for TB risks, testing of those with a risk for TB, and treating those with latent TB infection (LTBI) before TB disease threatens their life and the lives of their families and friends.

TB Risk + Positive TB Test = Treatment to prevent TB disease.

TB is an old and enduring life-threatening bacterium, killing 10% of those TB makes sick.  We have effective treatments, however, we are challenged by the current reactive nature of public health TB control and prevention efforts. True prevention requires finding and treating of those who are infected with TB before they are sick with TB disease to prevent illness.  To do this, we need partners working to improve health outside of public health departments, statewide.

Together, we can eliminate the threat of TB and create a TB-free California for all.

Find outmode and join the Coalition for a TB-free California.

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