TB is an old, life-threatening bacteria. It kills one out of every 6 Californians who fall ill with TB. With effective treatments to prevent anyone from becoming sick from TB and TB spreading through families and communities, public health professionals continue to strive for primary prevention activities across California, finding those with a risk for TB, testing for TB and treating TB before it becomes active and makes anyone sick and contagious. The reactive nature of public health funding to combat threats like TB have limited public health efforts to reach into communities most often threated by TB to find those infected with TB and encourage treatment before disease develops.

To do this, we need statewide partners, working with us to empower public health departments to do primary TB prevention programming in their communities, finding those at risk for TB, among those identifying those who have TB in their bodies and encouraging those individuals to get treated for TB before TB makes them ill and threatens their lives and the lives of their family members and community members.

CTCA is prioritizing building relationships with partner organizations leading and serving communities at highest risk for TB in California and engaging them in the Coalition for a TB-free California. The first act of this new CTCA Executive Committee was to create the following Health Equity Statement in an effort to refocus ongoing efforts to aggressively address those communities disproportionately impacted by TB.

  • The California TB Controllers Association is committed to creating the opportunity for optimal health for all Californians by working to eliminate barriers to TB diagnosis, treatment and prevention across California, prioritizing those communities disproportionately impacted by TB, while working to eliminate the threat of TB for all Californians.

CTCA leadership is putting more attention, more resources, and a greater focus on working with communities most impacted by TB to help us remove the threat of TB for all Californias. Join us in this work through the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page.