All CA TB Programs will receive We Are TB flyers in early 2022 with a request to give at least one flier to each TB patient in 2022.  These flyers are being provided to encourage, remind and support public health TB program staff to provide TB patients with the opportunity to connect with the TB peer support volunteer members of We Are TB.

Each TB program will be asked to provide a contact in the program with whom CTCA staff can follow up about promoting this opportunity.

By connecting TB patients with We Are TB volunteers, we are supporting We Are TB and their mission to provide TB patients with support through the ongoing challenges and isolation of TB treatment to improve the experience of TB patients through these challenges.

Throughout this project, promoting this connection of CA TB patients with We Are TB member volunteers we want to thank our public health TB care and prevention team members across the state for continuing to provide the excellent care and support they provide to their patients, their contacts and families while controlling the spread of this still life threatening infectious disease. You are the backbone of public health in California.


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