On July 13, 2021, The Stop TB Partnership, a global network of organizations working to eliminate the threat of TB worldwide, launched an education campaign calling for a new, more effective vaccine for TB by 2025 because BCG is 100 years old this month and provides poor lifetime protection against TB.  Leading advocates from the Stop TB Partnership explained why this is an important commitment right now on a Facebook Live Event recorded here.

The anchoring message of this campaign follows here:

The BCG vaccine—which was first administered on July 18, 1921, has proven effective against TB meningitis and in protecting against severe TB in infants and young children. However, it offers variable and mostly poor protection against lung disease in adolescents and adults, the populations that are more likely to spread TB in the community. Every year, an estimated 10 million people get sick with TB, the majority living in developing countries. 

The Stop TB Partnership encourages everyone to participate in this social media campaign this year, sharing their campaign materials here.

CTCA’s Communication Committee members commit to joining this campaign on CTCA social media outlets over the next six months, starting with this post. Please join us in raising awareness about the limitations of the BCG vaccine and the need for better protection against TB.


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