Linking patients with LTBI to care

Steps to link patients to care

Step 1- Educate

– Provide applicant with IGRA and chest x-ray results

– Educate importance of LTBI treatment

– Inform applicants their diagnosis will be reported to the local health department where they reside and may receive follow up communication

Step 2- Report

– Visit Reporting Instructions for Civil Surgeons for specific LTBI reporting instructions

Step 3- Treat or Link!

– If civil surgeon decides to provide the applicant with LTBI treatment, here are resources that can help with treatment options: LTBI Resources. Treatment initiation and completion should be communicated to the health department in which the applicant resides. At the end of treatment completion, it is recommended to provide the applicant with proof of treatment completion for their records: LTBI Treatment Completion Card.

– If civil surgeon decides to refer the applicant for LTBI treatment and follow up, here is a list where applicants can be referred to: LTBI Referral Sites by jurisdiction. It is recommended that the civil surgeon use the LTBI Report Form for Referral and Treatment to send the referring provider, along with copies of IGRA and chest x-ray reports. In addition, some civil surgeons may find it helpful to provide copies of this documentation to the applicant so they can bring this to the referring provider.

Potential referral options include:

1) Referral to primary care provider

2) Referral to local health department (local health department will treat or link to care)

3) Referral to clinics designated by local health department

Civil surgeons should contact their local health department for specific linkage to care instructions.

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