Latent TB Infection (LTBI) Resources

Clinical Resources

Resources for civil surgeons:

LTBI Talking Points/script to use when speaking with patients about the TB screening process, LTBI diagnosis, and how to get treatment

Poster to be displayed in civil surgeon offices to explain TB screening as part of the immigration medical examination

CDC Technical Instructions for Civil Surgeons

Additional resources:

LTBI Guidance for Preventing TB in California (CDPH/CTCA) – See sections for evaluating patients with a positive TB test and Choice of LTBI treatment.

LTBI Resources Hub (CDC) – Available resources for: education and training, guidelines, testing and diagnosis, infection control and prevention, and treatment.

LTBI Videos for Healthcare Providers (CITC/TB Free) – Series of 3 videos designed to help providers talk to their patients about LTBI testing and treatment.


Clinical consultation is available

Your local TB program

– CDPH TB Control Branch (510-620-3000,

Curry International TB Center warmline consultation service


Resources for Patients

Resources for persons undergoing immigration status adjustment:

What does having latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) mean for me? – Patient brochure available in  English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Please email if you are interested in customizing the brochure to include your local TB program’s contact information.

Additional resources:

LTBI Flipbook (CITC) – Tool for providing patient education for persons at risk for TB infection or newly diagnosed with LTBI.

TB Survivors’ Message about LTBI – short videos of TB survivors sharing the importance of LTBI treatment

Questions and Answers about TB (CDC) – written LTBI patient resources available in multiple languages.

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