World TB Day 2013

On March 24, 1882, Dr. Robert Koch’s discovery of the TB bacillus. One hundred years later, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (IUATLD) celebrated the 100th anniversary of this landmark in the fight against TB, establishing March 24th as an annual opportunity to call attention to the devastation TB still causes, and the commitment it will take to end TB.


Fact Sheet (3/24/13), Bay Area Media Release, Adult Risk Assessment,  Media Event at the Curry International TB Center

CTCA Media Release (3/18/13) and Fact Sheet (3/24/13); California Department of Public Health Resources (last updated 3/27/18)

Most Famous TB PatientsCA TB Patient Testimonial

San Francisco

3/19/13 City College of San Francisco news conference and TB screening event.  Breathe California captured the event on video, including interviews from key participants, including a patient advocate. (visual aids)

Breathe California Golden Gate Public Health Partnership

3/15/13 Breathe California Golden Gate Public Health Partnership podcast interviews current CTCA President Julie Higashi, MD, PhD on tuberculosis control and prevention.

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