Spring 2019 Posters

Posters will be posted and dated before and after the conference.

Posted on 3/7/19

Initial Assessment of Civil Surgeon Latent TB Infection (LTBI) Reporting in California 
Varsha Hampole, MPH, Janice Westenhouse, MPH, Pennan Barry, MD, MPH

Dosing cycloserine: analysis of therapeutic drug monitoring results among patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis in California 
Phil Lowenthal, Neha Shah, Lisa True, Leslie Henry, Pennan Barry. CDPH

A Pilot Project for School-Based Screening and Treatment of Latent TB Infection
Isis Y. Cunningham, BSN, RN, CPN, FNP/PNP-DNP Student – Susannah Graves, MD, MPH – Mary Barger, PhD, MPH, BSN – Marti Brentnall, MPH – Howard Taras, MD

Chest radiograph findings as predictors of confirmed tuberculosis disease: implications for screening algorithms and empiric management for suspected tuberculosis in a congregate setting
Jacqueline Barsamian, BS; Nicole Coardman, MPH; Edith Lederman, MD, MPH

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