Peer Support Navigator Jackie Cuen interviewed retired TB specialist Dr. Catanzaro in March of 2021 about tuberculosis, testing, treatment and recovery. The interview has been broken down into short clips to make it easier to find each area covered during the 1.5 hour conversation. Most of the clips are 2-3 min long, but the longest one does not exceed 7 min.

  1. Intro What is TB?
  2. LTBI v TB
  3. Primary disease
  4. Vaccine
  5. Dr. Cantanzaro discloses work on Quantiferon (QFT) first blood test for TB. Now there is also the TSpot.
  6.  Skin Test Facts, negative rules out TB, positive could be BCG or nontuberculous microbacteria disease, which is not transmitted from person to person, for theses reasons the blood test is preferred to identify
  7. Drug Resistance
  8. DOT
  9. Infection v Disease
  10. Immunosuppressants
  11. Other TB Tests
  12. 12 weeks to diagnosis
  13. TB treatment
  14. On isolation
  15. TB acquisition/transmission
  16. Pregnancy and newborns
  17. Medication side effects
  18. Comfortable asking your medical provider
  19. Variation of symptoms
  20. Lingering symptoms
  21. Pediatric TB
  22. How does being treated for TB impact future TB tests, thank you, and lastly a question about contact tracing: “if you love them, you’ll turn them in.”
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