CTCA Spring 2019 Materials

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  1. Welcome and Opening Remarks – April King-Todd, RN, BSN, MPH, CTCA President, LACDPH
  2. Jayne Ash Memorial Keynote Address: Car Seats Are Essential: Preventing and Identifying Pediatric TB in Contact Investigations (slides)
    Faculty: Kristen Wendorf, MD, MS, Program Development Section Chief, California Department of Public Health (CDPH) TB Control Program (TBCB)
  3. Planning your Itinerary: Using California Epidemiology to Drive TB Control and Prevention Objective (slides)
    Faculty: Pennan Barry, MD, MPH, Surveillance and Epi Section Chief, CDPH TBCB
  4. Essential Guidelines – Update: US LTBI Guidelines, Randall Reves, MD, M. Sc., Professor, University of Colorado (Slides)
  5. Essential Guidelines – Update: NTCA Statement: Targeted Testing and Treatment of LTBI in the US
    Charlie Crane, MD, TB Consultant (Slides)
  6. Using GPS to Find Your Way: Whole Genome Sequencing
    Wendy Noboa, MS CDC Public Health Advisor, LACDPH (slides)
    Sarah Talarico, PhD, MPH, CDC Division of TB Elimination (DTBE) (slides)
    Martin Cilnis, MS, MPH, Epi, OPCS, CDPH TBCB (slides)
  7. Breakout B. Taking the road less traveled: Novel contact investigation strategies and partnerships
    Leslie Henry, Program Development Section, CDPH TBCB (slides)
    Lucinda Gardner, Epi, TB Control Division, Sonoma County DPH (slides)
    Kristiana Dhillon, Epi, OPCS, CDPH TBCB (slides)
  8. Tips to Ensure we all Arrive Safely: TB Mortality Study: Reviewed, Implications, Applying Lessons Learned (slides)
    Susan Strong, NP, TB Controller and Program Manager, San Bernardino County DPH
    Lisa Pascopella, PhD, MPH, Sr Epidemiologist, SES, CDPH TBCB
    Janice Louie, MD, MPH, Medical Director, TB Prevention and Control Program, SFDPH
  9. Packing for the unexpected: Tuberculosis in recipients of organ transplantation
    Shereen Katrak, MD, MPH, Medical Officer, CDPH TBCB (slides)
    Peter Chin-Hong, MD, Professor, School of Medicine, UCSF (slides)
    Jeanne Soukup, RN, BSN, Patient Services and Reporting Unit, TBCB, LACDPH (slides)
    Jefferson Jones, MD, MPH, Medical Officer and Epidemiologist, CDC Blood, Organ and Other Tissue Safety (slides)

These sessions were not recorded:

  1. Breakout A. 3 Point Inspection Under the Hood: Case Radiograph Session (slides)  Faculty: Chris Keh, MD, Director, and Rocio Agraz-Lara, MSN, PHN, Nurse Manager, TB Prevention and Control Program, San Francisco DPH (SFDPH); Thienkhai H. Vu, MD, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Dept. of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, UCSF
  1. Breakout C. Learning to drive: Introduction to Effective Contact Investigation Strategies (slides)
    Anne Cass, MPH, Technical Assistance Unit Chief, Program Development Section, CDPH, TBCB
    Stephanie Spencer, MA, Program Liaison, Program Development Section, CDPH, TBCB
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