Andy Lopez Memorial Award and Scholarship

for Outstanding Allied Health Professional of the Year in TB Control



2022 Angelina Padilla, Health Assistant, Solano
2022 Sheila Davis-Jackson, Operations Manager, San Francisco
2019 Claire Torres, MPH, CHES-Los Angeles
2018 Anna Pritchard – Imperial
2017 Doualy Lo, Van Dang, Cindy Ong, San Joaquin
2016 Lauren Linde – Los Angeles
2015 Carmen Maria Lopez – San Joaquin
2014 Candy Box – San Francisco
2013 Antonio Gomes – Santa Barbara
2012 Rosalia Schollar – Napa
2011 Mark Condit – Contra Costa
2010 Araceli P. Robles – Ventura
2009 Abe Sanchez – Orange
2008 Linh Bui – Orange
2007 Irene Lerma – Riverside
2006 Neng Yang – Sonoma
2005 Maria Pasillas – Stanislaus
2004 Graciela Espinoza – Long Beach
2003 Houmpheng Banouvong – San Francisco
2002 Lilly Liang – Santa Clara
2001 Guadalupe Sanchez – Imperial
2000 Charles L. Primous – Contra Costa

 2023 Recipient: Marissa Machaen

Health Education Program Supervisor

San Ysidro Health Organization 


This award is given to recognize outstanding contributions of Allied Health Professionals in TB control in California. This award supports the travel and attendence at the annual conference where the award will be presented. 

The Andy Lopez Award and Scholarship celebrates the memory of Andy Lopez who had a distinguished public health career in California for over 20 years.  The last 12 years of his service, he worked directly with many local TB programs from the state program. Before joining the state he worked in local programs for eight years.

All Allied Health Professionals (Public Health Advisors, Disease Intervention Specialists, Communicable Disease Investigators/Specialists, Community Health Outreach Workers, Epidemiologists, Social Workers, etc.) are eligible to receive the award and scholarship.  This award and scholarship gives a local health jurisdiction and CTCA a great opportunity to recognize this outstanding Allied Health Professional for their hard work and dedication in TB control.

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